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World Quaker Day 2017 in the Asia-West Pacific Section

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Bhopal Yearly Meeting, India


Bhopal Friends celebrated World Quaker Day with silent worship. We meditated over Romans Chapter 12, followed by sharing thoughts by the members. The meeting was concluded by a group photograph.

Ronald shared on:
  • That of God in Everyone – a seed, an embers. The Godly embers helps to stable the contact between Human and God.
  • Inner Light – it is to enlighten every part of Human Life.
Merryl shared How Can We Put Our Faith into Action.
  • By meditating on the Word of God so that we can be successful in life.
  • When we apply the Word to a situation and we see it work this helps increase in our Faith level.
  • We can exercise Faith in Christ when we have an assurance that he exists a correct idea of his character and a knowledge that we’re striving to live according to his will.
Having Faith in Jesus Christ implies relying completely on him – trusting in his infinite power, intelligence and love. He knows how to help us rise above our daily difficulties.

Molly shared how by committing ourselves to God, it not only teaches us new things but also transforms us. If rightly guided by the Spirit, it leads us to truth, unity and love.

Friends follow the essential principles of Quakerism:
  • A belief in the possibility of direct, unmediated communion with the Divine. Christ is come to teach his people himself (statement by George Fox).
  • A commitment to living lives that outwardly attest to this inward experience.

Bohol Worship Group, Philippines

Bohol  Bohol
Celebrating World Quaker Day with gathering and affirmation exercises with women and children of the Bohol Crisis Intervention Center.

Hobart Meeting, Tasmania Australia

Map  Map

To celebrate World Quaker Day, Friends in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia watched the Quaker speak video with Gretchen Castle talking about FWCC.

We then put stars on a world map, to show the places we have shared worship around the world. We had some interesting conversations about different places we had visited and friends we had met in those places, sometimes finding commonalities we didn’t know we had!

Unfortunately the only map we had that was big enough is the projection you can see in the image above. What I really would have liked is a Peters Projection, which shows the relative size of each country and continent more accurately.

Queensland Regional Meeting, Australia


At Meeting for Worship we remembered some of our Members who are now in Africa, as well as giving thanks for Quakers around the world who are speaking truth and working for peace.

Please note our banner which commemorates this special day.

Tokyo Monthly Meeting, Japan

Tokyo   Tokyo

Tokyo meeting held a workshop on Global Environmental Issues for World Quaker Day.

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