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Hill House Friends Meeting, Accra, Ghana


The day has broken here and we have worshiped in silence and have sat in discernment over the issue the water and peace. Peace is to be waged in many ways in many dimensions. Finding the seeds of war within ourselves, discovering them, isolating and removing (or at least greatly weakening) them, is one of the ways to describe the Lamb’s war of the earliest Quaker days. There is standing in the way of active violence or developing peaceful policies and practices personally, socially, and nationally. There is promoting equality. It is hard to feel peaceful when you or your child is starving or has cholera or is at great risk to get seriously sick because of the lack of potable water.

This is both personal, in that some of us do not regularly have clean water to drink, and social, in that we have a serious outbreak of cholera in the city of Accra. As risky as unfiltered rain water from the roof might be, we are soon entering the dry season which make finding safe water even more difficult. The government has threatened water sachet sellers with sanctions because sometimes this common source of drinking water has been implicated in spreading cholera.

The matter of water as a resource for humans to drink, for wildlife, for farmers, for industry, and for recreation is one of increasing importance across our planet. We have seen Haiti a few years ago suffer a cholera epidemic after a hurricane, and enough potable water remains a serious concern there. The competing needs for water in Palestine/Israel is one of the seeds of war in that land. There are many poor persons in the bankrupt city of Detroit, Michigan, USA, where drinking water is being turned off (to save money, of course). The Colorado River and the Rio Grande no longer reach the sea before they are dried up. The sacred waters of the Ganges in India are so polluted that sickness is now one of its main offers to people there. About half of all fish species (and micro flora and fauna) in our world’s waters have become extinct within in the last several decades. We could site many more examples. We have been warned that the effects of climate change will continue to cause the availability of safe water to be a threat to billions of people.

Water is tied to peace making now and is going to be more so in the future. If we want to be peacemakers, developing sound policies and practices, personally and socially, is a powerful place to be present. It may be that this Meeting is called to enter peacemaking in this area. It may be that this Meeting is called in another way. It seems we have been called by Spirit to look within our Meeting for how we may be peacemakers. Discernment is our task. We ask Quakers around the world to hold this issue of water and peace in the light as we discern.

Brad Laird

Kigali, Rwanda


Today on World Quaker day I think of my Quaker family in Johannesburg on this rainy morning in Kigali, was unable to attend meeting for worship this morning..I send this words with love to you all ‪#‎wqd‬ ‪#‎sharinginministry‬

Siting .silent .still .waiting
Eyes closed ears open
My heart’s ready my mind’s prepared
I sit and listen not to what is out there but to what is within
A verse is read, a hymn is sang and a ministry is shared

My frown has been turned upright my face has been transformed
I feel peace I feel joy I even feel excited
My morning has turned to light I am the salt of this world
I feel a little proud hope that’s not immoral

Sitting .silent .still .waiting
I stretch my arm out wide and a hand shake is what I receive
I look next to me and a friendly face is what receives mine
I look to my left and a gracious smile is what I see
I look to my right and loving eyes is what meets my gaze

Friends we gather in the light seeing that of God in one another
Seeing that of good in each other
Seeing that of truth
Friends we gather to smile with each other and know that a gift of laughter can bring peace to us all
In my quest for peace I found friends
In my quest for spiritual growth I found the process

Sitting .silent .still .waiting
In silence I listen to my inner being
In a circle I see the truth, simplicity and love
Holding hands we share our diverse cultures in unison
Holding hands we transforming power
Simplicity, integrity, equality, community and peace is the space we choice to create

We are the seeds of this earth, the light of this community, the salt of this world
We sit in silence to listen to our inward teacher
We wait expectantly, we wait faithfully and we wait meaningfully
We wait for spiritual deepening,
because that is the Quaker way…

Odette Ntambara

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