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Many Are Called...

Today was an exceptionally meaningful day—one of Spirit-led community service and worship in deep, serene stillness.

The day began with a forum on peace advocacy with some student leaders from a couple of universities in our province.  We organised the event and we specifically set it up to coincide with World Quaker Day as a reminder of our commitment, as Friends, to social action and community service.  Other than us three Quakers, the participants were a mix of diverse faith traditions.

In the forum, we introduced the concept of peace building and non-violent conflict transformation through dialogues on interfaith cooperation, a small taster using exercises of the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) and a brief workshop on employing poetry as an artistic tool for peace building.  It was very well received.  Everyone left with smiles on their faces and a renewed commitment to peace.

What followed was a special get-together for us Friends.  We had a great time at afternoon tea discussing concepts of genuine Christian Socialism—what it means for us as Quakers and how it fits with our testimonies.  It all ultimately came down to an exchange of ideas about social justice and our advocacy to uphold it.

Meeting for Worship followed.  We sat in silence and waited upon the leadings of the Divine Light for a little over an hour.  One Friend gave vocal ministry about his struggle of being a pioneer in the movement for non-violent conflict transformation and his reconciliation with how his mystical practice as a Quaker has enabled him to respond to the call by the Divine that is given to many, heard by few and heeded by fewer.  It was dark when we shook hands to end the Meeting but our smiles made it feel like the day had just began.

We, as relatively isolated Friends, always feel connected to the global community of Quakers each time we sit for Meeting on First Day, but today was extra special.  World Quaker Day, more than a celebration of our identity, has been a celebration of unity.  As diverse as we are the world over, we recognise that we each have the Divine Spirit within us and we allow ourselves to be a conduit for the Divine will.  It is such an honour and a great joy to know that people all over the world, no matter how alike or how different we interpret our faith, have chosen this day as a global communion in the manner of Friends.

In Peace and Loving Friendship,

Ludwig, Boni and Marjorie

Canberra Meeting


Canberra, Australia. Letter writing happening to Friends in the Asia West Pacific Section - being inspired by Quaker literature from around the world.

Ronis Chapman

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