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World Quaker Day slideshow

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Amboy Friends Church, Amboy Indiana

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Amboy Friends Church, Indiana Yearly meeting, FUM thought about Friends worshiping nearly every hour somewhere around the world on World Quaker Day.  We shared the poster were Friends gathered around the world.  We enjoyed our first Sunday of the month donut Sunday before worship and instead of Sunday School classes, then welcome to start worship and the children’s story.

Berkeley Friends Church, Berkeley California


Greetings on World Quaker Day from Berkeley Friends Church! We are praying for that all Friends might witness to the world in and through the Light of Christ!



In Bolivia we celebrate World Quaker Day with lots of love.

Bridge City Friends Meeting, Portland Oregon

QVS Felows

Bridge City Friends Meeting, in Portland, OR (USA), hosted a potluck for the incoming Quaker Voluntary Service fellows and Friends in the four sponsoring meetings/churches: Reedwood Friends, Multnomah Friends Meeting - Quakers, West Hills Friends Church and ourselves.

Chena Ridge Friends, Fairbanks Alaska

Chena Ridge

Concord Friends Meeting, Concord New Hampshire


Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting, Massachusetts


In August New England Yearly Meeting received a Minute on Sustainability from the Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting and yet another on the same concern from the The World Plenary of Friends in Pisac Peru. NEYM united on a statement accepting the urgent need to work with prophetic force and focus on this matter. This World Quaker Weekend our Quarter continued our work feeling all Quakers around the Globe with us.

Durham Meeting, Durham Maine

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El Centro Bilingue Internacional Amigos, Bolivia


El Centro Bilingüe Internacional Amigos, celebrando un aniversario más del Día Mundial de los Cuáqueros, organizó un evento el día 2 de Octubre donde participaron muchos Amigos de las diferentes juntas anuales de Bolivia. Este acontecimiento,  que inicio a horas 3 pm. y concluyo a las 8:00pm., estuvo lleno de juegos, alabanzas y presentaciones de un grupo musical cristiano, ministerio de ballet cristiano e himno tocado en violín. También todos compartieron de rica comida de acuerdo a la tradición Boliviana.  Algo que hizo que  se llene el lugar de muchas sonrisas fue el tomarse una fotografía con el retrato del rostro de Jorge Fox.

Así mismo, con un mensaje de la palabra de Dios y la historia de Jorge Fox  y su conversión nos gozamos en el espíritu, y recordamos de la fundación o nacimiento del Cuaquerismo. Una de las sorpresas en este evento de celebración fue la participación de Jeff quien es un Amigo de los Estados Unidos. Él tuvo la oportunidad también para expresar su alegría de ser parte de los Amigos, e hizo una presentación  a los participantes sobre la diversidad de Amigos dando ejemplo sobre ello al contar como ellos escuchan a nuestro Dios por medio del culto silente en su junta anual.
En este evento el video de la Conferencia Mundial de 2012 en Kenia y el video de la Conferencia Mundial 2016 en Perú, ayudó a conocer mucho más sobre la comunidad Cuáquera a nivel mundial. También los participantes del evento reflexionaron sobre la importancia de escucharnos el uno al otro y a los demás que son de otros grupos Cuáqueros, cuando vieron el video de “HablAmigos”: Escuchando en Lenguas. 

Por todo este evento realizado queremos dar muchas gracias a  Dios y todos los Amigos que participaron en este evento. Para muchos este 2 de octubre del 2016 fue un día muy especial y lleno de bendiciones.
Escrito por Emma Condori M.
Friends International Bilingual Center organized a celebration event on October 2nd for the anniversary of the World Quaker Day. Many friends from different Bolivian yearly meetings came to this event, which started at 3 pm. and ended at 8:00 pm. It  was full of games, songs and performances such as a Christian musical group, a Christian ballet group and an hymn with violin. Also Friends shared a delicious traditional food. Moreover, one of the activties  that made the place filled with many smiles was having taken a picture with the portrait of George Fox.

After a message was given by a Quaker pastor, and the story of George Fox and his conversión was told, we rejoiced in the spirit a lot, and as well remembered the foundation or birth of Quakerism. One of the surprises in this celebration event was the participation of Jeff who is a Friend from the United States. He had the opportunity to express his joy of being part of the Friends community, too.  And he made a presentation on the diversity of Friends for us by  explaining to us about how they listen to our God through silent worship at his yearly meeting.

In this event the video of the 2012 World Conference in Kenya and the video of the 2016 World Conference in Peru, helped to know more deeply about the Quaker community across the world. Also when the participants saw the video"QuakerSpeak": Listening in Tongues, they reflected on the importance of listening to each other or to others who are from other Quaker groups.

We thank God for this successful celebration event, and we want to thank to all Friends who participated in this event. For many of us this October 2, 2016 was a very special day and full of blessings.

El Salvador

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We finished the day sharing the epistle from Pisac and the experience we had there! We also talked about the need of practicing the Quaker principles like peace and justice! Definitely we had a wonderful historical background! I love being a Friend- Quaker!!!

Fresh Pond Meeting, New England YM


Friends Publishing Corporation


Greetings from the board of trustees of Friends Publishing Corporation, publishers of @FriendsJournal and @QuakerSpeak, on World Quaker Day 2016!

Green Street MM, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Middle and High School Friends at Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia watched "How Many Quakers Are There In The World?" and "What's the Difference Between Programmed and Unprogrammed Worship" from and then read the story of the plastic litter collection at Hill House Meeting in Accra, Ghana from WQD2015. Then we picked up trash around our meetinghouse grounds.

Haverford College, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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We had fun with World Quaker Day! Check out some of the reasons we love Quakers, and who our favorites are. Thanks to all who came out, we're looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Indianapolis First Friends, Indiana


Kalamazoo Friends Meeting, Kalamazoo Michigan

Kalamazoo Friends Monthly Meeting (Lake Erie Yearly Meeting) of Michigan, USA, held extended worship Sunday, October 2, at 7:30am and invited a collection for FWCC.

Matinecock Meeting, New York

group  children

Friends at Matinecock MM (Long Island Quarter) gathered for worship, and the First Day program for children included a story and song celebrating the diversity of people and communities in our world, including the Friends who live around the globe.

Midcoast Friends Meeting, Damariscotta Maine


Midcoast Friends Meeting in Damariscotta, Maine, USA shared deeply during Meeting for Worship. A theme arose around the joys and challenges of George Fox's quote "answering that of God in everyone" and a more recently quoted "answering that of God in all creation." Visitors and Friends enjoyed a potluck at the rise of Meeting.

Minneapolis Friends Meeting, Minneapolis Minnesota


Minneapolis Friends Meeting has celebrated World Quaker Day with fun and worship during fall camp.

Orange Grove Friends Meeting, California


Happy World Quaker Day from Orange Grove Meeting where we hosted two Friends from Whittier First Friends Church... We send our loving greetings to Friends and all people around the world...

Oxford Friends Meeting, Oxford Ohio


Oxford Friends Meeting in Oxford, Ohio commemorated World Quaker Day #WQD with a First Day lesson and a multi-generational Second Hour focused on Quakers around the world and Quaker diversity. We ended the morning with a cake decorated for the occasion.

Paullina Meeting, Iowa


Flying High in Spirit. World Quaker Day October 2016. Paullina Friends Meeting Paullina, Iowa.

Penn Valley Friends, Kansas City Missouri


Greetings from Penn Valley Friends in Kansas City, MO, USA, an unprogrammed conservative Quaker meeting that is part of Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative. We celebrated this day in community and with the addition of a new member.

Providence Meeting, Rhode Island

meeting house

Providence Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, USA joyfully joins with Friends around the world celebrating World Quaker Day. In our worship we were mindful of Friends in Barrydale Worship Group in South Africa, meeting at the same time, who had invited us to worship with them in spirit (or by Skype). During First Day School, the younger children viewed photos of meetinghouses and Friends in Japan, Bolivia, France, New Zealand, Australia, and our own New England Yearly Meeting and talked about similarities and differences. The older children viewed pictures from the World Plenary in Peru and talked about the challenges of connecting as equals across big differences in language, culture, and economic circumstances. Many of the children are learning Spanish in school and could name friends who speak languages other than English at home. At the end of worship we sang together, led by the younger children:

Dear Friends, Dear Friends,
Quakers all around the world
Let me tell you how we love you,
We are one.

Virginia Beach Meeting, Virginia


Virginia Beach Friends Meeting celebrated World Quaker Day with Worship, Fellowship, Quaker Speak videos, deep discussions and a fabulous Potluck!

Wellesley Friends Meeting, Wellesley Massachusetts


We celebrated with a visit from Kenya Casanova, (left) a Cuban Friend from our sister meeting in Puerto Padre. Wellesley Friend Beth Collea (right) told a Faith & Play-style story, entitled The Light at Work in the Heart of a Friend, that she wrote that features Kenya! We were blessed to have Kenya with us for this All Ages Religious Education program, meeting for worship and a baby welcoming for the youngest member of our community. Ten Friends who were at meeting had met Kenya when they visited Cuba as part of NEYM Puente de Amgios travel in the ministry. Kenya was visiting in New England before attending an Executive Committee Meeting of the FWCC Section of the Americas.

West Richmond Friends, Richmond Indiana

At West Richmond Friends we welcomed in three new members and dedicated a one year old. Joyous

Yonge Street Meeting, Newmarket Ontario

Yonge St.

Here are the Friends at Yonge Street Monthly Meeting (Newmarket), Ontario Canada - gathering on the veranda of our 1812 meetinghouse to send greetings to Friends around the world.

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