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Ayshire Quaker Meeting, Britain YM

Quakers in Ayrshire, Scotland celebrated World Quaker Day 2016 with a light lunch based on products from countries which have Quaker yearly meetings. We viewed the FWCC/QuakerSpeak film about the numbers of Quakers worldwide and saw a series of small films made using Skype connections. The first featured Gretchen Castle talking about being brought up in the pastoral tradition and her experiences in other traditions, then Harold Wilkinson of Canberra Meeting on what Australians are doing on World Quaker Day, and finally Anna Dunford of the Kaitaia worship group Aotearoa/New Zealand yearly meeting on the similarities to meetings for worship in Scotland and the activities of Friends in her meeting and elsewhere. A common theme was the ways we can be together when geographically spread out, and the ways that worship can be enhanced/facilitated via online participation. Anna also mentioned the Woodbrooke Quaker Study centre online worship on Wednesdays that draws in Friends from around the globe.

Cotteridge Meeting, Britain YM

girl  campfire

Cotteridge Meeting in Birmingham (Britain YM) had an all age meeting in the park today. We had stillness, a story, a scavenger hunt, marshmallowd, hot chocolate and much more.

Newton Abbot Meeting, Britain YM

newton abbot

Friends at Newton Abbot Meeting (Britain Yearly Meeting) spent some time this morning looking at the FWCC map of where Quakers are in the world and shared experiences of meeting and worshipping with Friends from and in other countries. We send all Friends everywhere our loving greetings.

Tbilisi, Georgia


Weston Meeting, UK


The theme for today "Inspired by faith- Witnessing together in the world" FCCW is on our charity list but I knew little so I looked them up on the web site The mission of Friends World Committee for Consultation] is the three C's Connecting friends, Crossing continents, Changing lives Today has done just that So thanks, in a Quakerly way, go to three groups of people here today.

We thank our speakers Chris Lawson with his snapshots of different form of worship in four parts of the world and look forward to watching Songs of Praise later tonight Philip Gross through the lens of poetry has led our thinking about Quakerism; Zelie Gross, known to us through her book' With a a tender hand" How opportunities lead us on; the ripple effect With my own experience of having lived in Australia, Zelie's thoughts very much resonated with my experience in teaching such children.

We thank our hosts Team Weston under the direction of Myrtle Wyatt for their vision in organising this day and giving us such a warm welcome.

Thanks to members of the three meetings which make up North Somerset Area Meeting for valuable contributions, and participants in this day; such an informative experience. Thanks to visitors from further afield; South Wales, Bridgwater, Ilminster .

Thanks to all for the shared lunch contributions We are part of world family of Friends we have travelled today, in spirit, right to the furthest part of the world.

As this this special day ends, I am reminded of the verse from a hymn:

As o'er each continent and island

The dawn leads on another day

The voice of prayer is never silent

Nor dies the strain of praise away

So as we return to our local meeting and continue on our life's journey my thoughts return to words from the Friends World Committee for Consultation web site: So as the sun rises in each area of the world, we remember that Quakers are worshipping through every time zone, celebrating our deep connectivity across cultures and Quaker traditions We are united in love and have accompanied each other on this special day which draws us together, So let us hold each other in prayer and let hymns of praise & thanks within our heart resound across the world.

Winchmore Hill, Britain YM

Winchmore Hill

Winchmore Hill Meeting (Britain Yearly Meeting, North London Area Meeting) all-age shared lunch in our 18th century meeting room.

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham UK


Woodbrooke held three online Meeting for Worship sessions which were attended by many Friends from around the world including New Zealand, USA, and Sweden. One worshipper had never attended a Quaker meeting before and was encouraged as a result of a visit to Friends House in London.

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